Baseline Celebrates National Engineers Week 2021!

When Baseline Engineering Corporation (Baseline) was founded by John McLain, PE, in 1998, the company’s foundation rooted from its expertise in civil engineering. From there, various different specialties have been added to the company’s services such as planning, surveying, landscape architecture, and more. Undoubtedly, John’s passion for the engineering industry, and the people within it,… Read more »

Streetscapes – Attractive and Functional Aspects

          Streetscapes play an important role in forming the visual aspects, function, and identity of a built environment. Streetscapes help with traffic calming, accessibility, character, a sense of history or community, urban public life, moving people safely and efficiently, and supporting land use function and aesthetics. When designing streetscapes, a deep… Read more »

Chris Manning Promoted to Division Manager and Operations Partner

Chris Manning, PE, Baseline’s Water/Wastewater (W/WW) Division Manager for the past five years, was officially promoted in January to Division Manager and Operations Partner. Through this transition of roles, Chris hopes to continue focusing on the big picture of the company; he plans to use the experience and knowledge he has gained over the years… Read more »

Matt Tyburski, Baseline’s New President!

Matt Tyburski, Chief Financial and Operating Officer (CFO/COO) for the past seven years, has been promoted to President of Baseline. As he reflects on his time working here, he shows gratitude for his CFO/COO role. He loved that every day was filled with a variety of people from all different parts of the industry; whether… Read more »

Baseline’s Holiday Challenge

And Holiday Cheer… There is no doubt that the holiday season looks different this year, requiring everyone to get creative in the way that they celebrate. The traditional holiday parties and cookie exchanges were seemingly impossible to do virtually. Although Baseline managed to put together the next best thing which we named the “Holiday Challenge.”… Read more »

Baseline for Community’s Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive 2020

This year, the need for assistance is greater than ever and Baseline for Community (B4C) sponsored our third company-wide Thanksgiving Food Drive. We sponsored four local food banks within the communities we work — resulting in donating over 750 non-perishable items to four different food bank programs: Gilpin County Food Bank, Community Cupboard Food Pantry… Read more »

Working from Home – Staff Highlight

As employees worldwide were forced to transition into working remotely full-time, everyone adjusted to this unfamiliar territory in different ways. Many have found comfort in relating to or learning from others’ experiences as people navigate through the unknown and accept this virtually-based environment as the new norm. Michael Lujan, one of Baseline’s engineering project managers,… Read more »

Working from Home – Staff Highlight

As Baseline moved to employees to being fully operational from home, each employee has had a different experience— all with some positives and negatives sprinkled in. Sarah Williams, whom is the newest member of the Baseline team, has worked from home in the past. Luckily, her space at home had been set up for a… Read more »

Vince Harris’ 2020 Sabbatical

            As employees look for a place to work, they often seek out information regarding the benefits firms have to offer. At Baseline, one of the most pronounced benefits that employees value is that after seven years of being employed with Baseline they are able to take a month-long sabbatical.… Read more »