At Baseline, we have narrowed our markets to the following:

While the list may seem short, these markets offer a wide variety of projects from communities, parks, schools, and retail to roads, pipelines, and water/wastewater facilities. By honing Baseline’s focus on these specific markets, our team will have expertise that exceeds all other competition.

Having a deep understanding of these markets enables even the most difficult projects to be completed successfully and efficiently.

As Colorado’s population and needs continue to grow, the demand for these markets will also increase. We will be there to respond to the growing markets. Baseline focuses on the specific requirements of the client, tailoring all solutions to their needs in the most cost-effective, innovative, and sustainable way. Our highly-qualified team is committed to perfecting service for many years to come. Any client partnered with Baseline won’t be let down. Our professionalism and fine-tuned expertise will exceed all expectations.