Letter from our Founder

John McLainBaseline was started in 1998 to fill a void and stand out in a sea of engineering companies. I’m humbled that we have had such great success through 20+ years in business. This is due to our incredible employees and the culture that they foster. They have  never wavered from our founding principles; responsiveness, diligence to the task at hand, flexible, attentive to budget limits, and living up to our commitments. In 2015, we were able to form an ESOP and can finally call ourselves an employee-owned company. Furthermore, we are an “Evergreen Company” and our clients and employees can rest assured that we will not be gobbled up by a big conglomerate sending us back into that sea of companies that only care about the bottom dollar and treat their employees as just a number.—It’s commonplace in this industry.

Our  profession is so heavily dependent on employees, and the only thing that makes sense is for us to create an incredible working environment, which I think we’ve accomplished at Baseline. Over the years, Baseline has become a leader in the region and has diversified into various sectors. We have that small company feel, but big experience.

As one of many owners of Baseline, I am proud of the incredible feedback we receive from clients and employees. The guiding principles we have established allow our division managers to provide incredible guidance and motivate our employees. Everyone at Baseline has a stake in the outcome, and every employee has the opportunity to shape our company. At this stage of our existence, we are fortunate to be able to focus on perfecting our service for our clients. Society is advancing at a staggering pace, but we at Baseline are on top of the technology to keep up.

We hope you will allow us to show you what a truly service-oriented firm is all about. Our customized solutions are designed to respond to your needs, and we never make commitments we can’t fulfill. We are commended by construction professionals who find our plans easy to read and technically sound. We always stand behind our work. So give us a call. You won’t regret it.


John McLain
Founder & Principal
Baseline Engineering Corporation