Land surveying is accurately analyzing and mapping the characteristics of a parcel of land to help with a design for construction; to verify or determine boundaries for ownership; locating improvements and underground utilities; or other regulatory or civil law requirement (property sales), provided by professional licensed land surveyors.

More importantly, land surveying encompasses the detailed study and/or inspection, from gathering information through observations, field measurements, or research and data analysis in the support of planning, designing, and determining property boundaries.

Baseline utilizes state-of-the-art surveying equipment for gathering field data and the newest data processing software to manage it. We use sophisticated equipment such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV or drones), global positioning systems (GPS), robotic total stations (electronic theodolites), levels, aerial photographs, satellite imagery for gathering, analyzing, and using information about the project. We use Civil3D as the CAD environment for land surveying, as well as engineering and planning, so we can dynamically link the three lines of work. Our standards, operating procedures, and high-caliber personnel in the field and office work together seamlessly. We plan every job from field to finished product before the field crews leave the office. This strategy allows us to be efficient in providing high-quality survey services and products.

Our employees are our greatest asset and safety is priority one. All field staff participate in routine safety trainings, daily tailgate safety meetings, have proper personal protection equipment, and are CPR/first aid certified.

Survey services include:

  • Boundary surveys
  • ALTA/NPS surveys
  • FEMA flood elevation certificates
  • Metes & bounds/legal descriptions
  • Subdivision platting
  • Topographic surveys
  • Land survey plats/improvement survey plats
  • As-built surveys
  • Right-of-way (ROW) & Easement Exhibits
  • Construction layout
  • GPS control
  • Improvement location certificate (ILC)
  • Oil & gas surveying and permitting

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Land Surveying

Our surveyors go the extra mile for our clients.

Land Surveying

Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park rides had Baseline’s
survey team complete design surveys and construction staking
for its SlideZilla and Star Flyer attractions.

Surveying with drones for large areas or hard to reach places.Surveying with drones for large areas or hard to reach places.

Baseline produces oil and gas, well-head certifications
and exhibits

Baseline produces oil and gas, well-head certifications
and exhibits. These products are submitted to the Colorado
Oil and Gas Conservation Commission to support
permitting of new oil and gas wells.