When there’s growth, we map and analyze it

Baseline understands the critical importance of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to a growing world. As a company, we offer GIS solutions for any question that pertains to civil engineering, planning and surveying. Modern problems need modern solutions, and with the use of GIS, Baseline is able to assist with any project needs— from the initial stages of site selection, to flying our drone and taking those last pictures of what the finished project has become.

The initial stages of a project can be daunting. So, where do you start? The different types of pre-project analysis that Baseline can offer will give you the peace of mind that your vision for development is attainable. Through geographical analysis, Baseline is able to assist in making the right decisions for you, our client. 

Baseline’s planning department knows to plan for the future and uses GIS as one of its major tools to come up with solutions for an expanding population. Our experts have experience creating interactive maps for internal and external use. From zoning maps to master plans, Baseline has used GIS to help municipalities and private firms look towards the future and find the answers they are looking for.

Our survey team now has drone capabilities! This means faster gathering of data out in the field. From LIDAR to stockpile oversight, the Baseline survey team has the ability to gather the information needed. 

These are just some of the ways to integrate our GIS services into your project.

Click here to see an interactive map that Baseline designed for the City of Black Hawk.

What is GIS?
GIS is a tool for creating, managing, and analyzing data in mapping or spatial context. GIS helps you connect data of all types to any location on the globe. In other words, GIS can help determine where things are and what things are like in that location. GIS can be used, in any industry, to develop both static and interactive maps, tackle location-based challenges, and assist with current and long-range planning. 

Why use GIS?
Our GIS technology can serve a purpose for nearly any project and its uses throughout all of the divisions at our company. Baseline engineers, planners, and surveyors use GIS to deliver detailed, informative, and useful information to our clients, that may be difficult to access otherwise.

Our GIS Services Include: 

  • Preliminary Site Analyses
    • Multi-criteria site selections
    • Looking at/mapping old infrastructure needing replacement
  • Municipal GIS
    • Parcel Mapping
    • Land Use & Zoning Mapping
  • Assessed Value Analysis
  • Regional Planning
  • Floodplain Management
  • Transportation Planning

GIS is one of many tools in the Baseline arsenal that can add value to any project and help you achieve your goals!

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Expertise

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Expertise