Public Information Management Services

Transportation is an important component to the infrastructure that impacts our daily lives. Roadway construction can oftentimes create headaches and angst for motorists experiencing traffic backups and delays. However, travel delays can be alleviated through knowledge and advance notice. Baseline offers public information management (PIM) services for construction projects with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT).

For roadway projects, constant collaboration with contractors and CDOT is a necessity to create community outreach strategies to engage the public and ensure that communities are notified of commute disruptions and/or delays, as well as provide ongoing project information and construction updates through CDOT.

Through PIM services, we develop project flyers, project announcements, and press releases. Along with print materials, we create and maintain a virtual office for every project with a project hotline phone number, an email address, and are responsible for the project webpage content for CDOT. This allows us to communicate directly with stakeholders and the traveling public for any questions or concerns and to help keep drivers safe through the project area. We stay on top of the project by coordinating public meetings and town halls as well as attending weekly progress meetings with the project team to get the most up-to-date information to share with the public.

We are also responsible for reporting weekly lane closure reports to CDOT’s system that updates travel conditions on

Some of our projects include:

Each project requires coordination with the CDOT project engineers and contractors as we are the first contact the community will have with the project. For timely communication and quality service, contact Baseline for your public information management needs.

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