Since 2019, Baseline has served as a public information management (PIM) team for various construction projects. As a prequalified firm for the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), we frequently subcontract with its contractors, and have more recently started to partner with cities and counties of Colorado as well.

Considering transportation is an important factor that impacts our daily lives, constant collaboration with contractors is necessary to create community outreach strategies to engage the public and ensure that communities are notified of commute disruptions and/or delays.

Through PIM services, we develop a variety of project announcements, stakeholder emails, press releases, and any other informational documents to keep the public informed. Additionally, we manage the project hotline and email, and attend weekly progress meetings. We also are responsible for submitting weekly lane closure reports to ensure that is updated with the most recent and helpful information for travelers. These are just some of the frequent tasks that we handle in order to ensure safety, transparency, and smooth travels throughout Colorado.

Project Highlight: CO 9 Widening Project from Iron Springs to Frisco, in Summit County—
This $14M project began in May of 2020 and was officially completed in late 2021. The Colorado Department of Transportation, in partnership with SEMA Construction, completed two new roundabouts and the widening of Colorado Highway 9 to four lanes from downtown Frisco to Iron Springs. Improvements for this project included: constructing a pedestrian underpass between the Peninsula Recreation Area and the County Commons on the south side of Frisco, as well as installing noise walls along Water Dance and Frisco Bay Townhomes, new roundabouts at the Water Dance Drive and 8th Avenue intersections, rebuilding the CO 9 southbound right turn lane onto Main Street, replacing traffic signals at Recreation Way and Main Street and drainage improvements throughout the corridor.

At Baseline, we’ve found that the more citizens are informed and prepared for traffic impacts, the better the outcome is. Disruptions, frustrations, and safety issues are all significantly reduced with more communication and a successful outreach campaign.

With all of this being said, we look forward to bringing our expertise to the many projects of 2022!