Launch Party 2022 Re-capAnnually, Baseline hosts a company-wide training event called “Launch Party.” Our first-ever Launch Party took place in 2019, and has become a tradition ever since. This all-day gathering is meant to inform, invigorate, and energize our team through the end of the year and into the next.

Launch Party’s Mission:

  • Come together to celebrate past successes
  • Become passionate about the company’s future
  • Develop a sense of pride for our work
  • Become more acquainted with our fellow Baseliners
  • Learn from each other
  • Gain access to beneficial training and resources
  • Provide a welcoming setting where ideas and concerns can be voiced

Launch Party 2022 Re-capThis year’s Launch Party took place at the Vehicle Vault in Parker, Colorado! To start off the day, we re-visited the company’s beginnings, philosophies, and goals. This was followed by a powerful presentation from our guest speaker, Dr. Michael Benitez Jr., about diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Next, we went through a case study activity with randomized teams composed of experts from each division. These teams were asked to work through a sample project, which highlighted the realistic challenges of everyday scenarios and brought understanding behind a project’s lifecycle. The activity encouraged dynamic teamwork and clarified each division’s purpose and how we all work together to accomplish a project.

Launch Party 2022 Re-capFollowing the case study, each division separated into their breakout sessions for a couple of hours, which allowed each group to dive deeper into a specific topic related to their skillset. This was followed by a game of car-themed Bingo (in spirit of our venue).

Finally, the day concluded with our second-ever Pillar Awards ceremony. Baseline’s guiding principles are depicted across the four pillars of a Greek Parthenon graphic; each pillar represents one of the four principles:

  1. Passion to solve problems.
  2. Act with integrity, respect, and a sense of ownership.
  3. Commitment to excellence.
  4. Foster positive relationships and a team mentality.

Employees exemplifyingEmployees exemplifying these principles were nominated and acknowledged for representing these values within their teams, through their work. Additionally, some group awards were given to also recognize those that embody a team mentality.

With nearly the entire company in attendance, the day was filled with team building, inspiration, and learning. This year’s Launch Party was a major success and we’re already looking forward to the next one!