National Engineers Week


National Engineers Week is a celebration of the contributions of engineers to our society. This annual event serves as a platform to recognize and appreciate the innovative work of engineers across various fields, highlighting their role in advancing technology, solving complex problems, and driving progress. It plays a pivotal role in inspiring the next generation of engineers by encouraging awareness of the diverse and impactful nature of engineering. The week-long celebration fosters a sense of community among engineers, encouraging collaboration and exchanging ideas.

During National Engineers Week, Baseline wanted to know more about our engineers’ valuable insights into the unique aspects of their careers. Baseline sent out a survey to learn more about our engineers’ perspectives.

We asked our engineers about a specific project or accomplishment they are particularly proud of in their engineering career. One engineer answered how their interpersonal relationships in this field were what they were most proud of. Another engineer at Baseline described their pride in working on an athletic field complex for their kid’s high school and getting to contribute to their children’s community.

Baseline also asked engineers about their approach to problem-solving in engineering.

“I try to think of all the possible aspects and challenges for a project in the conceptual stages and keep talking and working with all involved throughout the life of the project.”

Engineers in the survey relayed how they confront issues when engineering, breaking down the problem itself while reaching out to others when needed. They then evaluate the best path to take. Our engineers showcase the adaptability and skillset engineers need to overcome obstacles.

In the survey, Baseline engineers shed light on the different motivations and fulfillment within the engineering profession, sharing their experience in celebration of National Engineers Week.

When asked what they find the most fulfilling, one engineer said, It’s nice to drive around town and see all the projects you have been a part of after a long career. The pride expressed in seeing the tangible impact of their work on the community, fosters a sense of accomplishment. Another engineer discussed the satisfaction derived from modifying projects to meet jurisdictional requirements highlighting the problem-solving nature of engineering. Another had an appreciation for the construction stage, particularly when underground work was completed, which speaks to the fruition of their hard work.

Baseline also asked about the motivations to pursue a career in engineering. The motivations shared, ranging from the stability and adaptability of engineering as a career to having a long line of engineers in the family to the excitement of being part of a big construction project, exemplify the diverse inspirations that lead individuals to pursue engineering.

National Engineers Week becomes a moment to celebrate these varied experiences and motivations, emphasizing the important role of engineers in our society. Baseline deeply appreciates our engineers for their hard work and great minds.