As National Surveyors Week comes to a close, we want to end with one final question & answer from our team. See below what the surveyors had to say in regards to what they love most about their job, what advice they have to offer, and what their favorite projects were in the past year! See what they had to say below:

What do you love most about your job?

“The diversity of the types of work in any given day is an enjoyable aspect that keeps the job fresh. There are also challenging projects or situations that test your knowledge and skills. I find these to be engaging and they push me to continue to grow in my skills and career.” Aaron Demo, PLS, Survey Division Manager

“The history and evolution of the profession.” David Wilson, Project Manager

“Getting to work outside.” Duncan Hotchkiss, LSIT, EIT Project Manager

“The outdoor aspect (most days).  Helping contractors solve problems. I am usually somewhere different everyday” Jason Hawley, Project Manager

“Working in the mountains.” Jayme Hobin, Survey Chief/CAD Technician II


What is the best piece of advice that you have for someone looking to pursue this career?

“The profession will always be progressing from a technology perspective. New technology and processes change how we perform and that keeps things exciting. There is always an opportunity to learn something new.” Aaron Demo, PLS, Survey Division Manager

“Be on time and ready for work.” David Wilson, Project Manager

“Show up, be humble in learning. Find a good mentor that will teach you.” Duncan Hotchkiss, LSIT, EIT Project Manager

“Educate yourself and stick with it.” Jason Hawley, Project Manager

“Learn to use AutoCad. It will give you more career options.” Jayme Hobin, Survey Chief/CAD Technician II

What was one of your favorite projects that you worked on in 2021/2022? Why?

“Just One? It is hard for me to narrow it down. The variety of projects make surveying my favorite. I enjoy watching a project start from a green field and developing into something for future use like housing in a time when there is a shortage. Situations like these are really rewarding and fulfilling. Large complex topographic surveys that have multiple days or weeks of work are enjoyable to watch develop and come into completion. Being able to see the progress and CAD base build. Finally, some of the retracement surveys in the mountains of old mining claims from the early 1900’s. The rugged terrain that was originally surveyed 100 years ago and the old records research and analysis. It feels like we are following in the footsteps of some of our ancestors.

The best part of this year was watching the Survey team come together to execute a well-done project. Having so many people involved and working together is not an easy thing to do but having good teamwork and watching it all come together is something any manager can appreciate.” Aaron Demo, PLS, Survey Division Manager

“Miners’ Mesa road extension and the Tin Cup/Proximo Annexations. I enjoy all aspects of working in and around the City of Black Hawk.” Doug Lancaster, LSIT, Project Manager

“CSU Research Facility. It was located near my home next to the foothills.” Jayme Hobin, Survey Chief/CAD Technician II

“I enjoyed working on the tiny homes project in Chipita Park. That project is memorable because it took three trips down there with Jason and I, and I personally enjoy doing topo work. It is also special to Baseline because our planning and engineering departments are part of the project.” Lucas North, Survey Intern