April 24th, 2024 is Administrative Professionals Day, also known as Admin Day. This day serves to recognize the contributions of administrative professionals in every organization. These individuals are the backbone of efficiency, managing tasks and schedules, forming new opportunities, and communications to keep operations running smoothly. Their dedication and hard work often go unnoticed, yet they play a crucial role in supporting teams and facilitating success. Today, let’s celebrate and appreciate administrative professionals for their role in driving productivity and organizational success.

Baseline sent out a survey to provide valuable insights into the thoughts and experiences of our admin team. From Business Development Manager Jennifer Gates’ emphasis on community engagement to Operations Manager Bryan Epley’s focus on collaboration and mentorship, it’s evident that each individual finds fulfillment in different aspects of their role. Their approaches to prioritizing tasks and fostering teamwork vary, from utilizing calendar management tools to embracing opportunities for learning and growth.

When asked about the most rewarding aspects, Bryan said, “Watching others succeed and grow. Making decisions. Collaborating with others. Learning from others. Offering advice when applicable.” Jennifer finds fulfillment in client interactions and community engagement. Business Development Manager Jeanna Whipple enjoys the challenge of securing contracts. Office Manager Mary Lovett appreciates the dynamic nature of her job, where every day brings new experiences and opportunities to help others. Marketing Coordinator Carol Hurst finds satisfaction in collaborative work, whether it’s on proposals or events.

When it comes to task prioritization and deadline management, each respondent employs different strategies for prioritizing tasks and managing deadlines. Jennifer and Jeanna rely on calendar management tools, while Mary said, “Listing all of my tasks and prioritizing by deadlines and importance.” Carol sets clear priorities and breaks down tasks into smaller steps, while Bryan uses lists and task management tools to prioritize tasks based on urgency and importance.

When asked to advise aspiring administrative professionals, Jennifer emphasizes the importance of being open-minded and adaptable. Jeanna suggests that administrative roles are not suited for those seeking personal recognition. Mary advises learning about the company and team, while Carol said, “My advice would be to embrace opportunities for learning and growth, as the role often involves wearing many hats and handling diverse responsibilities.” Bryan highlights the importance of humility and being willing to serve others.

Baseline’s admin also discussed how they foster teamwork and collaboration. Jeanna said, “It’s about helping the team succeed. A good team player lacks excessive ego, is quick to point out the contributions of others, and is slow to seek recognition for their own. They also share credit, emphasize team over self, and define success collectively rather than individually.” Jennifer mentioned asking for help when needed; Mary Lovett included fostering good communication and flexibility; Carol said offering assistance and collaboration timeline; and Bryan said connecting with other teams and asking questions.

In celebration of Admin Day, it’s important to appreciate administrative professionals’ contributions and diverse perspectives. Their dedication to supporting colleagues, managing tasks efficiently, and fostering a collaborative work environment is integral to the success of our organization.