Baseline embraces exceptional talent and like-minded people. In the past year alone, we’ve experienced substantial growth amongst our teams, which will continue to develop. We seek highly-motivated individuals who match our employee-driven culture. That being said, another new and pivotal addition to our leadership team, who fits this persona, is Luke Myers. He works from our Golden office as our new civil engineering division manager.

Luke was born and raised in Cripple Creek, Colorado and has lived in the Littleton area since 2005. During this time in Littleton, he met his amazing wife. The two of them have their hands full as they are in the midst of raising their three children. Outside of work, Luke enjoys spending time with his family, fishing, hunting, camping, tackling home projects, and generally being outside.

After growing up in a mining town with an open pit mine, Luke originally planned to pursue environmental engineering. After a couple of summers working in a geotechnical lab, working construction, and seeing how things get built, he decided to pursue civil engineering instead. He graduated from Colorado State University with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and now has 16 years of experience working on infrastructure projects throughout the state.

Luke’s passion for civil engineering comes from a desire to help solve problems. He gets a great deal of satisfaction from seeing a project transform from a drawing to a constructed reality. He has been pleasantly surprised by the amount of creativity that comes along with his job. In addition, Luke thoroughly enjoys mentoring young engineers and looks forward this at Baseline, as it is extremely rewarding to witness someone learn new skills, evolve in their career, and reach their goals.

When asked about what makes Luke most excited to be a part of Baseline, he confidently says that it comes down to the people. He has been working at Baseline since January, and has met many of the employees across various divisions and regional offices. Without a question, he is most excited to work alongside a talented group of people that are extremely passionate about what they do.

Baseline is equally as impressed by Luke’s profound skillset and passion for the industry. He represents our company values through his passion to solve problems, actions of integrity, fostering of positive relationships, and commitment to excellence. We are confident that he is a perfect fit for Baseline and will greatly contribute to our continual efforts to be an incredible company. Welcome Luke!