In early December, Baseline hosted its annual holiday party at the Denver Downtown Aquarium. The event was held in the Nautilus Ballroom, alongside the Dive Lounge bar. About an hour into the event, the ballroom officially opened for a buffet-style dinner. There was plenty of food options— from the salad bar, to the meat cutting station, to the dessert table, and beyond. As everyone sat, ate, and caught up, our holiday slideshow played in the background, highlighting favorite memories, new hires, and promotions of 2021. Following dinner, Baseline’s president, Matt Tyburski, kicked the festivities off with a welcome speech, and then further socializing and activities ensued.

Following dinner, a White Elephant gift exchange began, hosted by one of our long-time employees and principal planner, Vince Harris. This was brought back by popular demand as the exchange has always been a highlight of our holiday parties. Many fun and enticing gifts were brought which encouraged many of them to be stolen— from Starbucks gift baskets, to cozy winter blankets, to alcohol, and everything else in between.

Throughout the gift exchange, we had some unfamiliar faces come to greet us in the ballroom. Members of the aquarium introduced us to some of their animal ambassadors. Baseline had the unique privilege of hanging out with a couple of parrots (even one that painted), an iguana, a turtle, and a porcupine for part of the night!

Finally, as the night came to a close, employees were encouraged to tour the exhibits at the aquarium as this was included with the event. Everyone had fun searching the different tanks for our custom company signs which were placed in three of the exhibits.

This year’s holiday party ended up being a huge success and a favorite among many. It was the largest turnout yet as 2021 brought us many new team members. It was special to gather, meet new faces, and celebrate Baseline’s success throughout 2021, especially amongst this virtually-centered work model and the challenges that the pandemic has brought. We feel thankful to have such an amazing team and are already planning for next year’s gathering as there are high standards to live up to!