By Baseline Water/Wastewater Engineering

energyApproximately one million gallons of “flowback” water return to the surface, and is typically hauled to a disposal site where it is injected thousands of feet into the ground, a process environmentalists and some residents of oil fields worry may contaminate ground water.  Many agree that this practice is not sustainable and are considering it to be the next 800 lb. gorilla that the EPA will be addressing.  In fact, the newest investment trend is to buy stocks in companies that currently manufacture water filtration systems and parts, mobile onsite water filtration, green/biodegradable frac fluid production, and water testing services/devices.

Baseline offers another solution.  Being an experienced water/wastewater engineering firm, we realize that a “one-size-fits-all” sustainable solution does not exist, but rather out-of-the-box thinking is required, utilizing various proven treatment technologies and practices.  We recognize that the O&G industry wants to do right by all, and Baseline would like to help them find a sustainable solution that not only is more environmentally friendly, but will ultimately save them operational costs.

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