Baseline Welcomes Sarah Williams

Baseline’s newest addition to our staff is Sarah Williams, a landscape architect who comes to us from Norris Designs. She graduated from Colorado State University and has been working as a landscape architect for several years. When choosing career paths, Sarah credits her experience and passions for leading her to landscape architecture. Working at ACE Hardware all throughout high school and into college, gave her a deep appreciation of gardening and the outdoors, and she had always found plants relaxing, making this a perfect choice for careers. Landscape architecture has many different facets and categories to work within.

While this is one of the factors that drew Sarah to this profession, her favorite part of landscape architecture is how it can provide people with safe places for play, education, and even physical therapy. Helping people has always been her favorite part. This love for the personal side of landscape architecture is reflected in her favorite projects over her career. As part of a team, she worked on Kidstreet Care at Children’s Hospital which has an outdoor space for children with serious developmental and physical delays or issues. Before they redesigned the space, it was a rubber-top playground with three ready built pieces installed which wasn’t suitable for the children to play on. The redesign created a space that was not only fun for the children, but actually can aid them in reaching milestones and helping with care. They added plants for sensory aspects, visual elements to aid with speech, and even different elevations for children to work on walking developments. Sarah is excited for her future at Baseline and the opportunities it provides. She hopes to build the landscape architecture position and one day develop an entire landscape architecture department at Baseline. We are so excited to see what Sarah does at Baseline and have no doubt that she will be a huge asset to our company. Welcome to Baseline!