Developing young communities require access, such as new roads and bridges. In addition, increased traffic in expanding communities leads to wear and tear in heavily-trafficked areas. For projects affecting your community’s bridges and roads, you need a reliable, experienced transportation engineering company. At Baseline Engineering Corporation, we go the extra mile with all our transportation engineering projects, ensuring that your community’s infrastructure is designed to last.

When it comes to our civil engineering projects, the resulting road you see is only the beginning. Baseline Engineering Corporation believes in working with nature, rather than against it. We incorporate physical and natural-built environments into our plans, making use of our natural resources while safeguarding our environment. Economic growth and development often seem at odds with environmental sustainability, but they don’t have to be. Let us redesign your aging infrastructure to better serve your community – all while preserving the natural environment in which it’s built.

As a transportation engineering company, Baseline Engineering Corporation’s expertise includes state highway road widening and access points, culvert and bridge replacements, roundabouts, and roadway and intersection improvements. We’ve worked with various municipalities and developments for their transportation engineering needs. Our experience working with public agencies has uniquely prepared us to create exacting engineering solutions that are cost-effective and built to last.

Transportation Engineering Company Project: Weld County, CO

Many Colorado roads are plagued by potholes and increased traffic that they simply cannot handle anymore. This was true for more than 35 miles of paved roads in Weld County. Baseline Engineering Corporation fast-tracked this road development project to meet funding constraints; however, meeting such difficult deadlines meant that Weld County was able to use government grant funding for roadway improvement, easing the burden on taxpayers. This was an all-encompassing project, and Baseline facilitated everything from surveying and planning to signage and striping to repaving over 15 miles of roadway. Some of the improved roadways include CR115, CR398, and haul roads. Each road had different purposes and demands, which meant that each road needed a different engineering solution.

Roadways and bridges are a vital part of any community’s infrastructure. Without fully functioning transportation infrastructure, both the economy and the day-to-day life of the community suffer. If your town, city, or county has aging roads that are failing to meet growing demands, you need a transportation engineering company with experience in the public sector. Baseline Engineering Corporation understands the important task of updating a community’s infrastructure. We’ll work tirelessly to meet required deadlines for funding, all while delivering the engineering solutions your community needs.