Vince Harris Baseline Corp

Principal – Vince Harris

Planning Director – Ben Thurston







Baseline made a big change in our planning department this summer. For the last 12 years, Vince Harris has been the director of our planning department, he is taking a step back from this role and reducing hours to slowly transition into retirement. Ben Thurston has moved into the planning director role and has taken the lead. Ben is most excited about exploring opportunities to expand Baseline’s planning services into new areas that align with the interests and passions of our staff. This includes our current effort to market and grow our landscape architecture services. He is also excited about the challenge of refining our project management and execution in a way that truly balances our triangle of employees, clients, and finances. Ben is not anticipating any huge changes in the department. He states, “I am lucky enough to find myself among a group of professionals that already perform at a very high level. For that reason, I am not anticipating any big changes. I said coming in that I would not make changes just for their own sake, but I would also not hesitate to make changes when I think they are necessary. The changes I make are much more likely to be incremental refinements than any kind of major overhaul.

While Ben takes the lead in the planning department, Vince will remain on as principal. He will continue to lead and coordinate our planning services for three of our most important municipal clients: City of Black Hawk, Town of Eaton, and City of Longmont. He will also devote time to business development focused mostly on finding new opportunities to provide planning services to towns, cities, and counties. Baseline is thankful for Vince’s many years of hard work in developing the planning department and growing the company, and we applaud Ben’s new leadership role.