Working from Home - Staff HighlightWorking from home can be both a blessing and a challenge. Baseline transitioned to full remote work in a span of weeks in late March to protect employees during the pandemic. With a majority of our employees normally working in office, this was quite the transition for many. Learning how to operate entirely online has had a learning curve for many of us, whether it be transitioning to Zoom meetings, engaging with clients remotely, or learning how to mute and unmute on Google Meets.

Along with the challenges, working from home has allowed us all more time to do what we love. Some Baseliners have taken the opportunity to get outdoors more, spend more time with family, and cooking in more. Sean Callahan, EIT, a staff engineer, is using his time especially well. In early April, Sean adopted a golden retriever puppy, named Finn, and is using time at home to train him to the envy of anyone who has seen pictures. It is a little harder to work with a puppy around though. While sending an email out for a project one afternoon, Sean let Finn out early for a couple minutes while he typed the last few words thinking he couldn’t get into that much trouble in just a few minutes. When he came out to check on him, Finn had made his way to the top of the boulder in the outdoor fountain. As soon as he heard his name, he looked up and jumped into the pond. Finn was fine, but Sean had to deal with a smelly dog until he could give him a bath after work. From puppies and kids to spotty Internet connections, it has been a huge transition to go remote. Although it might not have felt seamless, we have continued to care for our clients and maintain our high standards of service.