As employees worldwide were forced to transition into working remotely full-time, everyone adjusted to this unfamiliar territory in different ways. Many have found comfort in relating to or learning from others’ experiences as people navigate through the unknown and accept this virtually-based environment as the new norm. Michael Lujan, one of Baseline’s engineering project managers, has had a unique experience while working from home as a father to three young children ages one, five, and eight.

Through the pandemic, some employees were introduced to remote-work for the first time ever. Fortunately, Michael had prior experience with this virtual model which allowed for a smooth transition. One of the main things that he attributes his success to is a distraction-free office environment. He re-created his Baseline office space in his basement which is equipped with the same resources and then established a routine with his kids to allow for productivity. They know that when the office door is shut, it is time for work; contrastingly, when Michael’s schedule allows, the kids enjoy being able to play near him while he works and keep him company. Because of situations like this, Baseline employees have had the opportunity to get to know one another on a deeper level through these virtual meetings that sometimes unexpectedly share the candid moments of everyday life.

Although there may be many distractions at home, Michael feels that his current productivity rate matches his prior abilities in-office. Additionally, he acknowledges a lot of benefits to this new way of work, especially as a dad. The biggest advantage of working from home has been incorporating more quality time with the family on a daily basis. The tedious moments that were previously spent waiting for files to export, large documents to print, or traveling to and from the office, can now be cherished with his kids. These brief periods, paired with lunch breaks and early dinners, have allowed him to experience more of the kid’s day-to-day growth that normally would require time off from work. Specifically, he is extremely grateful to watch his youngest son go through all of his developmental stages as a baby. This is his first opportunity to be fully present for all of the milestone moments that occur in that first year. He feels that his overall work-life balance has improved in which he gets to focus more equally on being a dad and being a project manager. Although this year has brought along many unexpected obstacles, it has also encouraged a lot of re-evaluation and change. Through these changes, many have learned to find the positive in every situation, depend on one another, and be grateful for the little things.