As Baseline moved to employees to being fully operational from home, each employee has had a different experience— all with some positives and negatives sprinkled in. Sarah Williams, whom is the newest member of the Baseline team, has worked from home in the past. Luckily, her space at home had been set up for a work-from-home environment. Even with that in her past, there were still a few challenges.


The pandemic has changed the way all businesses operate, and because of this, interactions with clients and coworkers have also changed. These dynamics presented a challenge for Sarah, as connecting with clients and coworkers are her favorite parts of the business. From Sarah’s perspective, the hardest part about meeting via Zoom or any other online meeting service; is that you miss out on the small conversations you have when you’re walking out of the room with the client, or the round table brainstorming topics you have with your team as you work on a project. As Baseline continues to balance employees and clients as their top priorities, Sarah continues to brainstorm how to overcome this challenge. She pondered on the thought, stating that perhaps a phone call might be a more personal way to interact with a client.

While there have been some challenges for Sarah, she’s grateful of so much that working from home presents. One of the few things that Sarah noted as highlight of working from home; is the amount of time she no longer spends commuting. Less driving translates into more quality time spent with her husband. She enjoys that while they physically work in different parts of the house, they can connect over lunch or a walk in the evening, time that is normally been spent driving. Another benefit of working from home for Sarah is the ability to listen to her music out-loud, jamming out in her office and being able to sing along. The most prominent benefit of working from home, and staying primarily at home during the pandemic, has been gardening. Sarah’s garden has produced a great deal of summer vegetables and herbs, and Sarah appreciates that she can peak on it throughout the day.

As the world adapts to the new normal, Sarah’s working from home experience is the perfect example of Baseline employees adapting and improving with the times. Showing that while there may challenges, they can be overcome, and there will always be something for which to be grateful.