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At Baseline, we promoted Earth Day 2019 with LED light bulbs, planting herb seeds to grow for cooking/eating, and had some fun consuming our own dirt concoctions.

In addition, we asked staff to contribute to our pledge board on what they would do over the next year to decrease their footprint and help protect the earth we all live on. Here are some of the pledges received:

  • “We are working on Zero Waste at home. Reducing our use of paper towels (and making homemade, non-paper towels), plastics, sandwich baggies, etc. We are buying more food in bulk using our homemade fabric bags and using only glass reusable containers in the pantry.” — Jessie Stonberg, Associate Planner
  • “I’m going to try to commute more by bike this year. I was thinking it might be good to have a Baseline competition to see who can commute the most by alternative methods during the year (or other time period). We could have some sort of prize for the winner(s) and it would promote health and helping to save the planet.” — Steve Batchelder, PE, Project Engineer
  • “I pledge to reduce plastic use in my daily routine, by utilizing reusable bags, containers and cups, using beeswax wraps, and being more aware at the store to buy products (both food products and non-food products) that do not come in plastic packaging. I also pledge to reduce the amount of meat (especially red meat) in my diet!” — Sarah Foster, EIT, CFM, Project Engineer
  • “My pledge is to walk to work and minimize the amount of time I spend driving!” — Maggie Guinta, Engineering Intern
  • “Part of our smaller footprint goal this year included installing solar panels on our home and it has already made a huge difference in our electric bill and energy consumption. We pledge to recycle. Our recycle is over double our trash amount! In addition, we hunt and garden, we strive for “Field to Fork” meals where all our food groups are harvested and/or grown by ourselves.” — Misti Senatore, Marketing Manager
  • “My wife and I are trying to compost this year and recently purchased a large rotating composter. It has started to emit a pretty bad odor so I think it’s starting to work! LOL!” — Mike Swanton, PE, Project Manager
  • “I am part of the “Keepemwet Fishing” program for fish intended to be released back into the water. This program aims to educate fishermen on handling fish with minimal impact to encourage the strengthening of our fisheries and provide generations to come with an opportunity to catch world-class fish in our great outdoors!” — Sean Callahan, EIT, Staff Engineer
  • “I am pledging to eliminate paper towel use by using rags/cloth towels.” — Laura Wright, Office Coordinator
  • “I pledge to use more reusable bags.” — Mat Ryan, Staff Engineer
  • “I pledge to plant a 3-4-ft juniper.” — Jay Davis, CAD Technician

Earth Day 2019 Earth Day 2019 Earth Day 2019 Earth Day 2019 Earth Day 2019