A pedestrian arch culvert in Frisco.

Baseline is proud to announce a new service category in public information management (PIM) for CDOT construction. For each project, we work with the contractors to develop a strategy for engaging with the public and ensuring that the community is notified of any disruptions as well as communicating project information through CDOT. We develop initial flyers as well as project announcements and press releases as needed. Along with the print materials, we create a virtual office for every project with a project hotline phone number, an email address, and are responsible for the project website for CDOT. This allows us to communicate directly with stakeholders if they have specific questions or concerns. Each project requires coordination with the CDOT project engineers and contractors as we are the first contact the community will have with the project. We stay on top of the project by attending weekly progress meetings with the project team to get the most up-to-date information to share with our stakeholders.

We currently are working on four separate CDOT projects in four different CDOT regions, with three of those projects running over 18 months in duration. We are well underway with the CO9 Widening Project in Frisco and are now just monitoring our communication lines each day as well as sending out press releases as needed. This project includes two new roundabouts and a pedestrian underpass near Lake Dillon in Firsco.

Eastbound I-76 traffic backup due to the road closure.

We have also been working on the CO52 & I-76 Hudson Roundabout Project. This project is interesting as the town is incredibly involved, and it will also install the town’s first stoplight along with two oversized roundabouts to allow oversized/overweight vehicles to travel through. There’s been a lot of activity on this project with the recent interstate shutdowns for bridge work.

Our Region 1 (Denver/metro area) project is the US 85 Widening Project from Louviers to Sedalia. This is a bigger project for us as it is a two-year project with no winter shutdown. It’s a road widening  project that will expand US 85 from two lanes to four lanes with animal crossings.

Setting a bridge foundation.

Our latest PIM project underway is in Region 2 (Colorado Springs area) further expanding our portfolio and project locations. This project entails traffic signal replacements for three separate locations, two in Colorado Springs and another in Fountain. We recently completed our initial flyer and press release and attended CDOT’s Project First meeting and preconstruction meeting. Baseline looks forward to additional PIM opportunities and our expansion into public information management services with CDOT.