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Go and make a survey of the land and write a description of it.” — Joshua 18:8 NIV

As National Surveyors Week comes to an end, Baseline thanks our surveyors and their teams for braving the elements and sequestered public! Stay well and safe!

Surveyor Joke of the Day

Q – What did the therapist say to the surveyor?
A – You need to set some boundaries….

Survey the Surveyors

National Surveyors Week, celebrated annually during the third week of March, raises awareness of the profession through education, media, and public service. Hosted by the National Society of Professional Surveyors, this year’s event takes place March 15-21, 2020. In honor of National Surveyors Week, and the important role surveyors have played in our firm’s success, we recently sat down with members of our survey staff to learn more about the profession.

The main goal of National Surveyors Week is to raise awareness of the profession through education, media, and public service. With that in mind, Baseline’s surveying team were asked to reflect upon their experiences as surveyors, and answer questions in our “Survey the Surveyors.” Here’s  what our surveyors had to say.

What types of projects do you enjoy most and why?

My favorite projects usually are the longer duration and more complex projects. Ones that really take some planning, coordination, and challenges the mind to execute.” — Aaron Demo, PLS, Survey Division Manager

Boundary. Because I love being outdoors and finding corners.” — Danny Tucker, Survey Crew Chief

I enjoy the mountains the most. I miss them a lot actually. My Monday through Friday would consist on roaming the land that most people had to wait till the weekend for to visit. I love digging into the history of the land. From looking for bearing frees from the Forest Service to turning over boulders looking for marked stones from original land grants, and finding all hidden treasures along the way. I have culture that is deeply woven through the land and water which we live on. There is a certain type of reward in helping a client’s family member be granted a piece of property that has been passed on for generations. I have built countless relations and it is very fulfilling to go stake out the property and present my client the finished product.” — Danielle Bustos, Survey Crew Chief

What is something unique, interesting, or important you would share with someone interested in becoming a surveyor?

I would advise anyone who is considering becoming a surveyor to do so with the motivation that the world is their oyster. There are so many avenues of surveying, from underwater to air, fixed wing or drones, up in the mountains or subdivisions and oilfields. Roadways and waterways, it all needs to be surveyed before any type of land management begins.” — Danielle Bustos, Survey Crew Chief

There are many different types of surveying and roles in the surveying industry. You can really find a position out there that appeals to you.” — Aaron Demo, PLS, Survey Division Manager

The most rewarding job you’ll ever have.” — Danny Tucker, Survey Crew Chief

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