Baseline’s President Matt Tyburski participated in the first annual Jamie Beck Family Foundation Aneurysm Super Hero 5K Race last month! There were over 100 racers that gathered at the downtown Auraria Campus, which was followed by prize drawings, food trucks, vendor booths, and live music.

The Jamie Beck Family Foundation (JBFF) is an organization whose mission is to provide financial assistance to families who are impacted by brain aneurysms. Their goal was to raise $50,000 for this cause. With the help of sponsors and donors, JBFF raised nearly $68,000 to assist families in need.

In addition to Matt’s participation in the race, Baseline was also an event sponsor. This cause and foundation hit particularly close to home as one of our very own employees, Doug Lancaster, suffered from a hemorrhagic stroke earlier this year. We are beyond grateful that Doug has made a full recovery and are so fortunate to have him back at Baseline as he has always been foundational to our company and admired by many.

Doug shares a little bit about his story, as well as his gratitude towards JBFF, as he was directly assisted by them during these tough times:
“At the beginning of this year, I was not even aware of the Jamie Beck Family Foundation, but that changed real fast. On January 21, 2021 I had a blood vessel break and bleed into my brain. I had suffered a hemorrhagic stroke and was airlifted to the Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora. It was a difficult time for my wife and family. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, they were not able to visit me for two days. My wife was continuously on the phone with the doctors and hospital, by the time she was allowed to visit, I was in a coma. Upon arriving at the hospital, she was greeted by someone from the Jamie Beck Family Foundation, they provided her with some stroke information and a card-carrying a $1,000 balance to be used as needed. She immediately broke down and started to cry, this was such a generous gift and a big helping hand during difficult times. My wife and children were able to use this card for hotel stays near the hospital when the weather was bad and for gas on their travels from Berthoud to Aurora. The Jamie Beck Family Foundation provided a shining light in difficult times.”

Along with Doug, we thank JBFF for their dedication and support to our communities and for raising awareness about brain aneurysms. Please visit their website below to learn more about the foundation and about ways you can give back.