NREL Moss Road Roundabout

Many drivers notice roundabouts popping up in their neighborhoods or on their commutes. With their many benefits, it’s clear that roundabouts are here to stay. If your town or city needs help improving safety or traffic flow at a busy intersection, contact Baseline Engineering Corporation. We are your experts for roundabouts engineering. In Jefferson County, Baseline Engineering Corporation’s award-winning Moss Street Extension project, consisted of ½ mile of new, two-lane collector roadway and bike lanes extending to the National Research Energy Laboratory campus. This project required extensive coordination and required approval and review through multiple agencies and crossed two significant floodplains. Environmental and ecological issues were also at the forefront during design and construction. Baseline was responsible for coordinating the project for the DOE, The Alliance for Sustainable Energy, NREL, Jefferson County, and the Pleasant View Parks and Recreation District. Input and approval came from many agencies including CDOT, the City of Golden, the City of Lakewood, FEMA, Metro Districts, Regional Transportation District (RTD), and XCEL Energy. Baseline also managed a right-of-way acquisition process involving five private-property owners. Learn more about this type of intersection below.

Improving Safety with Roundabouts Engineering

When an intersection is the site of multiple accidents or causes concern for the community,
something needs to be done.

When drivers slow down, the surrounding neighborhood feels safer right away. The slower speeds in a roundabout also make the intersection safer for pedestrians and cyclists. However, it is important that those on foot or bike are easily visible to drivers and have a clear crosswalk. This should be added to any civil engineering plans for intersection changes. Baseline Engineering Corporation is

How Efficient Are Roundabouts?

Adding roundabouts to your city can increase efficiency at intersections. Fewer cars will need to come to a complete stop at the intersection. This reduces the long lines of traffic often seen at busy intersections controlled by stop signs. Roundabouts or larger traffic circles also make it easier for vehicles to turn around.

However, these circular intersections are only more efficient when drivers understand how to use them. If your

 Steamboat Central Ave roundabout

Steamboat Central Ave Roundabout

city is planning its first roundabout or traffic circle, be sure you are also prepared to educate drivers. It is important that all drivers understand roundabout etiquette. This includes right of way, lane choice, reduced speed, signaling, and yielding to pedestrians. When drivers are prepared for and educated about roundabouts, they can be very successful.

Modern Updates in a Small Town

In Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Baseline Engineering Corporation’s work on their Central Park Drive reconstruction project included the addition of a roundabout. During the project, it was important that the small-town feel was maintained when adding a modern roundabout. The solution was adding a retaining wall and planting trees and flowers as part of the roundabout. The city has found that the intersection has become safer for pedestrians and cyclists. In addition, Baseline Engineering Corporation also designed the roundabout at Ski Time Square and Mt. Werner Circle to improve the overall arrival experience, incorporating safety, wayfinding, and right-of-way. Modern engineering has served this small, rustic town well, and Baseline Engineering Corporation is currently designing two more roundabouts on Mt. Werner Road. To learn more about how roundabouts engineering can be beneficial to your town, give us a call today.

Baseline Engineering won a merit award for best projects for our Ski Time Square/Mt. Werner Roundabout in Steamboat Springs. Merit: Mt. Werner Circle/Ski Time Square Drive Roundabout, Steamboat Springs, Colo.
Entry submitted by Baseline Engineering Corp.

Steamboat Springs Ski Time Circle/Mt. Werner Roundabout

Steamboat Springs Ski Time Circle/Mt. Werner Roundabout