US 85 Widening Louviers to Sedalia CC 0852-106 (C19201-Combo)
US 85 Widening Louviers to Sedalia CC 0852-106 (C19201-Combo)
Castle Rock Construction of Colorado LLC
Douglas County, CO

This $23.7M CDOT project is a Tier 3, 410 days for public information management services. The project is within Region 1 (Denver metro area) and required initial project flyer distribution to 2,000 stakeholders. Coordination with multiple stakeholders, including maintaining a project hotline, email, and webpage.

Work began early July 2020 to improve traffic flow along the US 85 corridor by widening the existing two lane highway to four lanes. The additional lanes will improve safety as well as traffic congestion. A 10-ft-wide shoulder will be added on either side as well as a large median to reduce crash risk and improve the safety of emergency stops. Further, the widening will reduce the danger where the road currently merges from two lanes to one. Construction work also includes reconstruction and widening with concrete pavement, raised median, inside curb and gutter, bridge replacement, storm drain system, retaining wall, steep slope earthwork, deer fencing, new traffic signal, signing, striping, and utility relocations.

As the project requires extensive excavation, to date, the team has removed roughly half a million cubic yards of dirt. This would fill an entire football field 300-ft tall.

Project Features:

  • Highway widening
  • Bridge replacement
  • Steep slope earthwork
  • Deer fencing