I-76 & CO 52 Hudson Roundabout IM -0761-226 (C21432)
I-76 & CO 52 Hudson Roundabout IM -0761-226 (C21432)
Castle Rock Construction of Colorado LLC
Hudson, CO

This $11.7M CDOT project is a Tier 3, 275 days for public information management services. The project is within Region 4 and requires two recorded public meetings via Zoom (due to Covid-19), initial project flyer distribution to 1,000 stakeholders within a two-mile radius. Coordination with multiple stakeholders and CDOT CMT for highway closures, including maintaining a project hotline, email, and webpage. The I-76 and CO 52 Hudson Roundabout project components include widening CO 52 from two lanes to four lanes, widening the bridge over I-76, two oversized roundabouts to allow oversized vehicles to travel through, a new pedestrian/bike path to connect to an existing  trail system, and the Town of Hudson’s first stoplight.

Project Features:

  • Interstate shutdowns
  • Oversized roundabouts
  • Bridge widening
  • Highway widening