Colorado oil and gas

Colorado Oil and Gas

The energy industry is constantly changing. This can make it difficult to keep up with regulations. In April 2019, major actions have been taken regarding oil and gas both nationwide and locally in Colorado. You need a Colorado oil and gas surveying company that is experienced and reliable. Baseline Engineering Corporation is on your side. We know the oil and gas industry better than many other companies. We also make a point of studying each new regulation. For Colorado oil and gas projects, you can trust Baseline Engineering Corporation.

Changes for Colorado Oil and Gas

There are major changes ahead for the Colorado oil and gas industry on both the national and municipal level. On April 9, 2019, President Trump signed two executive orders related to the industry. The first deals with the way the Clean Water Act is interpreted in the review process for oil and gas projects. The other executive order makes the president the decision-maker for oil and gas projects that cross the US border.

New changes at the local level in Colorado would make those same projects more difficult. SB 181 is a Colorado state bill that gives municipalities the ability to pass stricter regulations. According to the Coloradoan, “Now, municipal leaders will be able to make their own decisions about where and how drilling happens, pass environmental regulations, carry out inspections and fine operators[.]” SB 181 also changes the state commission on permitting. It will reduce the number of members and limit members’ connections to the oil and gas industry.

What Does this Mean for Colorado Oil and Gas Projects?

These new local regulations will likely slow the permitting process. That’s why it’s so important to have an expert on your team. Baseline Engineering Corporation provides more than just land surveying and well design for Colorado oil and gas companies. We also can help with municipal permits, public outreach, and negotiations. Baseline Engineering Corporation has successfully worked with many oil and gas companies in Colorado. Our experience has prepared us to be flexible as regulations change. We remain up-to-date by closely following local and national laws and regulations for the energy industry.

The changing laws can be confusing. Don’t let the confusion delay your projects. Instead, allow Baseline Engineering Corporation to guide you through the permitting process, surveying, and water management. We are your partners for any Colorado oil and gas projects.