Summer vacation is a welcome break for students, teachers, and staff. It’s a relaxing time that brings everyone back to school feeling refreshed. Shouldn’t your school grounds feel the same way? If you’ve been putting off getting civil engineering work completed at school, summer is the perfect time. When your school needs upgrades, contact Baseline Engineering Corporation – your trusted civil engineers.

Maintaining school infrastructure is an important but difficult task for old and new schools alike. Many small issues can quickly become safety concerns if not addressed in a timely manner. Don’t avoid getting civil engineering work completed at school. Instead, use summer and other scheduled vacations to complete necessary maintenance. That way, you’ll keep your students and staff safe.

Summer Vacation Checklist: Getting Civil Engineering Work Completed at School

  1. Inspect utilities. Checking up on your utilities is a great place to start maintenance. Otherwise, you might not discover an issue until it is too late. Regular inspections prevent such catastrophes. Have a certified engineer inspect your sanitary sewer collection, water distribution, and stormwater systems.
  2. Repair drainage. If you found a problem during the year with drainage, now is the time to fix it. While the kids are away from school, repair any drainage issues. This will prevent unwanted odors, water damage, ice collection, and so much more.
  3. Fix drain ditch issues. Drainage repairs shouldn’t be limited to indoor issues. You’ll want to be sure water is flowing away from the building but not flooding other areas, like the parking lot or lawn. Summer is a great time to fix drain ditch issues, especially during a dry spell.
  4. Redo sidewalks. Getting civil engineering school grounds work done is about safety. Schools put the safety of their students at the forefront during the school year. When school is not in session, have sidewalks redone to keep them safe for everyone. It will eliminate tripping hazards and help maintain ADA compliance.
  5. Resurface parking lots. If your school has issues with traffic flow before and after school, consider improving your parking lots and pickup/drop-off areas. It could be a simple fix that just involves resurfacing the lot and painting new lines. If the drop-off and pickup area needs a total overhaul, consult your trusted civil engineers to design an efficient parking lot and pickup/drop-off zone.

Make the most of vacation time by getting civil engineering school grounds work done! Your students and staff will return to the refreshed school grounds feeling safe and ready to tackle the school year. Right now, Baseline Engineering Corporation is proud to be working with Douglas County Schools and Jefferson County Schools on their necessary civil engineering work. Give us a call today to set up a consultation.