best evergreen engineering companies

Best Evergreen Engineering Companies in Colorado

There are many engineering companies in Colorado, which means it can be difficult to choose between them. Your community might need land surveying for road expansion or planning for a housing development or infrastructure for a water treatment facility. How do you know who to choose? While there are many good engineering companies in Colorado, not all are created equally. In 1998, Baseline Engineering Corporation was formed because our founder noticed a void in engineering and wanted to fill it. We strive to stand out from the other engineering companies in Colorado with our business model. Our goal? To be one of the best evergreen engineering companies in Colorado.

What does it mean to be an “evergreen” company? Well, it starts with commitment. We are committed to being in business in the Colorado area for at least 100 years. But business longevity is just the beginning. Check out what we think it means to be one of the best evergreen engineering companies in Colorado below.

Characteristics of the Best Evergreen Engineering Companies in Colorado

  1. Purpose: We are passionately driven by a compelling vision and mission. Our company vision and mission keep us grounded. We are fully invested in our current projects but continue to build towards the future – both immediate and distant. Because we are a closely held private company, we can pursue future interests in ways that public or exit-oriented businesses cannot.
  2. Perseverance: Being in business for over 20 years is no small feat. Baseline Engineering Corporation is ambitious and resilient. We confront obstacles head-on and turn them into our greatest success stories. This attitude of perseverance is what allows us to pursue our mission into the future at a steady and consistent pace.
  3. People First: In 2015, Baseline Engineering Corporation became an employee-owned company. Putting the people of a company first is one of the biggest things to look for in the best evergreen engineering companies in Colorado. Our talented associates excel together, working as a team and driven by the mission. We believe that taking care of our employees helps everyone – our employees, their families, the business, our customers, our suppliers, and our community. We are committed to remaining independent and not be consumed by a larger conglomerate engineering company.
  4. Pragmatic Innovation: We believe that steady and consistent growth is best for a company’s stability. That growth can only happen with innovation. We embrace a continuous-improvement process to stimulate growth. However, innovation and growth cannot happen without risk. We take calculated risks that allow for innovation within the constraints of the business.

When you’re looking for an engineering firm for your community’s next project, choose a company that will be there beyond the project. As one of the best evergreen engineering companies in Colorado, Baseline Engineering Corporation plans to be your community’s engineer now and 100 years from now.