In civil engineering, there’s only one opportunity to get it right. With zero margin for error, public projects need to be expertly done the first time. The best engineering companies in Colorado are meticulous, delivering precise engineering solutions. With 20 years of experience, Baseline Engineering Corporation is one of the leading engineering companies in the region. Our customized solutions in civil engineering, community planning, land survey, and water & wastewater engineering deliver to our client’s exact specifications.

Best Engineering Companies in Colorado

At Baseline, what sets us apart as one of the best engineering companies in Colorado is our service-oriented mission. Our projects are our purpose, and the people behind those projects make them excellent. In the engineering industry, success depends on individuals. They have never wavered from our founding principles; responsiveness, diligence to the task at hand, flexible, attentive to budget limits, and living up to our commitments. Baseline is an employee-owned company, and we pride ourselves on the incredible culture that we’ve fostered. Our clients love the small company experience at Baseline, and when it comes to big-time projects, we have the people and the experience to make it happen.

Although we began by focusing on traditional civil engineering services, Baseline has expanded our expertise into other sustainable markets – including commercial, residential, oil & gas, public agencies/municipal. From these markets, some of our notable portfolio includes Garden City’s 8th Avenue realignment & rehabilitation project, the 3,200-sf Great Work Montessori School, City of Black Hawk’s municipal development review services, Mount Werner Water Districts Yampa Wells Water Treatment Facility improvements, and our ongoing on-call surveying services for Extraction Oil & Gas. By bringing on the best team members with varied backgrounds and experience, we guarantee excellent engineering solutions for all our projects.

Whether your project is a new community development or a large public works project, you can trust Baseline. We are an “Evergreen Company” and are here to stay. We handle everything from surveying, design, public meetings and negotiations to grants and permits to the final design or product. As one of the best engineering companies in Colorado, Baseline focuses on our client’s unique needs to deliver exceptional engineering solutions.

Founded in Golden, Colorado in 1998, Baseline Engineering Corporation has become one of the leading engineering, planning, surveying firms in the Intermountain West. We initially provided traditional civil engineering services and community planning in a growing region. Since then, we’ve added expertise in land survey and sustainable water & wastewater.