Baseline Engineering Corporation, an award-winning multi-disciplined engineering, community planning, and land surveying firm, is pleased to announce the addition of Landscape Architecture to its portfolio of service options. With the addition of landscape architecture, we are driven to better meet the needs of our existing and future clients. The landscape architecture department will complement our existing range of planning services including site development plans, public process and outreach, illustrative site plans, master planning documents, design guidelines, landscape planting plans, construction documents, and project management.

Landscape architecture is the art and practice of designing outdoor spaces which create a significant impact on built and natural environments and quality of life. From the onset of your project, our interdisciplinary team understands how to collaborate with engineers, architects, federal, state, and local agencies to shape the finished product. Designing the outdoor environment is a vital step in creating vision, design intent, character, diversity, and environmental responsibility through the use of topography, drainage, structures, infrastructure, material finishes, water resources, and planting design.

Baseline Engineering Corporation is a Colorado-based company made up of a team of experts who, since 1998, have been providing services in civil engineering, community planning, land surveying, water/wastewater engineering, and now landscape architecture. Baseline has a diverse portfolio of work including residential developments, parks and recreation, open space and trail design, schools, streetscapes, commercial properties, and civic facilities to help you complete your project. Working in Colorado for over 20 years gives Baseline an expert eye on your development. Our designers create solutions for the long-term, ensuring that after we’re gone, your site will thrive for years to come. Get in touch with us today.