When it comes to your community’s next big infrastructure project, there are many Colorado civil engineering companies to choose from. You need civil engineers who not only design and implement exacting engineering solutions but also communicate effectively with all interested parties. From government agencies to concerned citizens, many people are impacted by new development. At Baseline Engineering Corporation, we understand that our essential tasks include both effective engineering solutions and clear communication.

Transportation Planning & Infrastructure Remediation

From new development to stressed and aging infrastructure, Baseline Engineering Corporation harnesses natural resources to meet the needs of your community. Crumbling bridges and stormwater overflow need quick but lasting solutions to keep communities thriving. One of the best Colorado civil engineering companies, Baseline Engineering Corporation is your civil engineer for sanitary and sewer systems, roads and bridges, and construction plans. In all our projects, whether performing inspections, updates, or new construction, our goal is sustainable development to protect the environment and improve quality of life for each city.

Award-Winning Colorado Civil Engineering Company

Baseline Engineering’s road project in Golden, Colorado, won an Engineering New-Record Mountain States’ 2012 Best Projects Award. Our design added a roundabout, expanded the road to two lanes for a ½ mile, and a bike lane – improving traffic flow and promoting green transportation in the form of biking.

Infrastructure Design & Land Development

When it comes to land development, the process is never simple. Colorado civil engineering companies must meet the requirements of public agencies and the concerns of the community. Baseline Engineering Corporation facilitates communication with the larger community to ensure that each project is completed on-time and with public support. Whether you need site design and development or processing, permitting, and surveying, we will work with your community from the project’s inception through completion of construction. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to work quickly and effectively on all projects, meeting tight deadlines.

Two of our favorite projects began with designing and surveying areas and continued on to successful execution of top-notch engineering solutions. In Golden, Colorado, Baseline Engineering Corporation was responsible for the surveying and civil engineering of the new Canyon View Subdivision. Near a major road, this subdivision has 65 lots for single-family homes over 23 acres. The Stevinson Toyota facility in Lakewood, Colorado, was another favorite project – a 120,000-sf facility on 13 acres. We also designed improvements to nearby 7th Avenue and Indiana Street.

If your city is growing and needs expanded infrastructure or if you’re developing a new subdivision, call the one of the best Colorado civil engineering companies – Baseline Engineering Corporation. We will see your project through from start to finish and deliver exacting engineering solutions that meet the needs of your community for years to come.