CDOT ESB-Certified Prequalified Engineering Company

Baseline Engineering Corporation is a CDOT Emerging Small Business (ESB) certified company, as well as a prequalified contractor with CDOT and we hold a master pricing agreement (MPA), all of these mean that it’s easier for Baseline to enter into a CDOT project contract. Infrastructure is the backbone of our society. We often take things like roadways and turnoffs for granted. They are necessary for our cities to function. In Colorado, roadways are especially important elements of infrastructure. The wide open spaces of the Colorado plains and the tight turns in the majestic Rocky Mountains have one thing common: roads. Roads are the most reliable form of transportation infrastructure in a state with diverse landscapes, connecting communities. Municipalities and counties need a CDOT ESB-certified engineering company for their road projects.

Highways, streets, and roads connect communities. People travel back and forth for work, school, and leisure. Trucks supply food, clothing, and other goods. Life in Colorado depends on reliable roadways. When it comes to road improvement projects or main street redevelopment, trust Baseline Engineering Corporation. We are your CDOT ESB-certified engineering company.

What It Means to Be a CDOT ESB-Certified and Prequalified Engineering Company

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is committed to providing safe roadways for all Colorado citizens. Baseline Engineering Corporation shares that commitment. Our goal with every transportation engineering project is to provide safe, efficient means of transportation for all who use it. A CDOT ESB-certified and prequalified engineering company consistently meets the CDOT’s standards when it comes to transportation projects and has all the contracting vehicles in place to kickoff projects quickly.

Baseline’s CDOT Projects

·         Baseline Engineering Corporation was recently awarded a two-year contract with CDOT for Civil Engineering for Non-Road Projects, where Baseline will provide design services for CDOT facilities throughout the state.

·         In 2018, Baseline Engineering Corporation was awarded a project in Steamboat Springs for a CDOT US Highway 40 West Sidewalk Connection-Phase II project.

·         In Garden City, Baseline Engineering Corporation completed the design and survey for its 8th Avenue Infrastructure Realignment and Rehabilitation Project. This is a popular part of the downtown Garden City area, right next to the City of Greeley, spanning over five city blocks. Baseline’s work on this project included right-of-way mapping, topographic surveying, utility mapping, traffic analysis, drainage plan design, and the conceptual and final design for realignment and rehabilitation. In addition to being a transportation project, this was also a municipal project completed for Garden City. Throughout the project, we worked closely with the city and CDOT to ensure all government standards were met.

If your community needs to redesign existing roadways or plan for new ones, you’ll want to use a CDOT ESB-certified and prequalified engineering company. Baseline Engineering Corporation will help you through every step of the CDOT design process. Our licensed and experienced team works on all levels – from surveying and planning to design and construction. Contactus today to learn how we can help with your transportation project.