I usually don’t make social outing plans that start after 7:00pm.

Tez Hawkins

Senior Planner
With Baseline Since: 2021

Tez is originally from Ferguson/St. Louis, Missouri and moved to Colorado in 2015 seeking opportunity and adventure. Tez’s passion for the land use planning profession is derived from his upbringing in a low-income minority community, which evolved into a strong desire to not only improve his neighborhood, but also improve the well being of low-income minority communities in the US. Outside of work, Tez enjoys snowboarding, bow hunting, mountain biking, off-roading, reading,
trail-running, fishing, and video editing.

Favorite Movie or TV Show: Marvel Cinematic Universe

College Graduated From: Ball State University

As a kid, I wanted to be: A professional football player

Favorite Food: Ice cream