SEMA Construction
Frisco, CO

This $14.14M CDOT project is a Tier 3, 433 days for public information management services. The project is within Region 3 and requires two public meetings, initial project flyer distribution to 3,000 stakeholders. Coordination with multiple stakeholders and CDOT CMT for highway closures, including maintaining a project hotline, email, and webpage. The CO 9 Widening in Summit County project components include widening CO 9 from two lanes to four lanes, a pedestrian underpass between the Peninsula Recreation Area and the County Commons, installing noise walls along Water Dance and Frisco Bay Townhomes, building roundabouts at existing Water Dance Drive and 8th Avenue intersections, rebuilding the CO 9 southbound free right turn lane onto Main Street, replacing signals at Recreation Way and Main Street and drainage improvements throughout the corridor. This project will complete the corridor expansion to four lanes between Frisco and Breckenridge.

Key/Unique Components:

  • Two roundabouts
  • Pedestrian underpass
  • Highway widening
  • Winter shutdown