Wenga, LLC
Fort Collins, CO

The newly renovated Breeze Thru Headquarters, includes a mixed-use building that has affordable housing on the upper story and office and conference spaces on the lower portions of the building. Baseline’s multi-disciplinary team delivered creative solutions for planning, engineering, and landscape architecture for this 1.56-acre site. The team had to establish the communal spaces for residents and employees, grading and drainage challenges within a constrained site, and landscape needs that focuses on water conscious planting design. The design utilized plant species that softened urban edges and buffered spaces to create privacy and gathering spaces for residents to relax and unwind. Planting beds in front of monumentation helped represent the company branding through use of color scheme. Ornamental dry stream beds were incorporated into the design to help with the grading and drainage.

Project Features:
• Drainage solutions
• Plant palette & annual/perennial color schemes
• Privacy screening
• Xeric planting