Rockies Inn Demolition
Rockies Inn Demolition
Private Developer
Denver, CO

The former Rockies Inn was located at 4760 East Evans Avenue in Denver, Colorado and consisted of an approximate 50,000-sf, four- story building constructed primarily of concrete and wood framing on a three-acre parcel. The building was being inspected for asbestos and subsequent abatement; however, the CDPHE determined that the asbestos inspections were not complete and denied the permit for demolition. On April 1, 2016, the building was significantly impacted by fire with the top two floors destroyed. The debris from the top two floors fell into the lower floors of the building and around the perimeter of the building including some debris deposited onto surrounding properties. Baseline personnel were retained by the owner to contract with a general abatement contractor and supervise the remediation of asbestos-impacted materials at the property and surrounding area, and complete demolition of the structure. The remediation and demolition were completed successfully in accordance with Regulation No. 8, Part B, and in particular, Section III-W as it applies to the demolition of a structurally unsound building and removal, packaging, transport and disposal of friable asbestos waste and unregulated construction debris.