As a kid, I wanted to be an archaeologist/inventor.

Andrew Baker, AICP

Senior Planner
With Baseline Since: 2018

Andrew is a Denver native who enjoys traveling, the outdoors, and live music. He’s been a professional planner for three years in the public sector, and is a complete urban planning and architecture nerd. He hopes to contribute quality planning and design to communities in Colorado, supporting social and environmental justice, inclusivity, sustainability, and beauty in built and natural realms.

Hobbies/Interests: Travel, camping, backpacking, festivals, rock climbing, snowboarding, spending time with loved ones, reading, writing, art, architecture, urban planning, history, Broncos.

Favorite Food: Tom yum soup (Thai)

Interesting Fact About You: I have a big family, at one point in my life I had 13 grandparents.