Growing energy demands require new wells and the infrastructure to deliver fuels in a way that balances economic growth and environmental protection. Baseline provides innovative solutions to the energy industry—from USR permits to land surveying for wells and pipeline routes. We understand the US and state oil and gas industry and the regulations affecting it—enabling us to complete successful projects under the most difficult circumstances. Our oil & gas market includes the following services:

  • Municipal permits (USR, CUG, access, grading, etc.)
  • Public outreach, neighborhood/town hall meetings, negotiations
  • GIS data capture & analyses
  • Pipeline route location surveys
  • Well permitting
  • Water and stormwater management
  • Water depot design
  • Water reuse solutions
  • Landscape architecture
  • Special use permits
  • Well pads
  • Right-of-way acquisitions
  • Gathering facilities
  • As-built pipeline surveys

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Permitting oil and gas wells in Colorado can be challenging.
Baseline has worked with the top E&P companies to take
the headaches out of contentious public meetings and the
approval process.


Baseline’s ability to be a turnkey provider for all survey
support so that our clients can focus on what they
do best—build energy infrastructure—was the primary
reason we were selected to route and stake 40 miles
of  pipeline in northeast Colorado. We were a one-stop
shop for creating plans, profiling construction plans,
providing as-builds during construction, working with
multiple points of contact within our clients’ organizations,
dialing in product to meet everyone’s needs, reacting quickly
to route adjustments and schedule changes, and participating
in weekly meetings to keep projects on track.