I grew up watching Star-Trek, so I always wanted to be an astronaut or do something related to space exploration when I grew up.

Ryan Helle

Planning Technician
With Baseline Since: 2021

Ryan is originally from Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and received a master’s in City & Regional Planning from Clemson University. He has worked in a variety of settings from the quiet mountains in Appalachia to the bustling streets of San Francisco. With a strong sense of adventure and curiosity, Ryan is always looking where he can travel or explore next. Some of his hobbies and interests include: cycling, reading, travel, and design (built environment).

Pets: Finn, a fat cat that thinks he is a dog.

Favorite Movie or TV Show: The Nanny

Interesting Fact About You: I was born with an odd eye condition that causes my vision to shake slightly. Aside from a genetic or concussive cause, it is a side effect of most illegal drugs. For this reason, I carry a doctors note in my car to reassure any potential law enforcement that I am just a bad driver and not on any hard substances. More broadly, this eye condition impacted my relationship to the built environment and guided my career in the direction that it went.