My name is Anna, and I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to intern at Baseline!

Anna Wener

With Baseline Since: 2023

Anna is a civil engineering student at Colorado State and is interested in pursuing structural engineering after she graduates in 2024. Anna is a native of Centennial, Colorado, where her family has resided for generations. One of Anna’s passions is reading, with a particular affinity for horror. She enjoys delving into chilling tales and counts Stephen King as one of her favorite authors. Among the numerous books she has read, her top choice within the genre is “Misery” by Stephen King. In terms of entertainment, Anna finds delight in watching the classic TV series “The Twilight Zone.” She and her father have spent countless hours immersed in the thrilling, thought-provoking episodes.


Interesting Fact About You: When I was a kid, I won the stick horse race at Western Welcome Week 3 years in a row and got put in the local paper.

When I grew up I wanted to be…a cowboy.

What are your favorite off-work hobbies and activities? I love to rollerskate.