Team Member Job Category: Planning

Deanne Frederickson, RLA

Deanne Frederickson

Deanne is a seasoned landscape architect with over 25 years of land development practice in Northern Colorado.

Ethan Watel, AICP

Ethan is a land use consultant and planner who assists Baseline’s clients with their entitlement, zoning, subdivision, and planning needs.

Vince Hooper, PMP

Vince Hooper

A Colorado native, Vince has spent most of the last 20 years in Steamboat Springs, working and playing on the Western Slope.

Vince Harris, AICP

Vince Harris

Vince has an awesome wife of 35 years, and three grown boys who are doing well in their careers. He loves to take time off from work and play on vacation usually dealing with water or warm weather.

Julie Esterl

Julie worked for Las Campanas Real Estate Development in Santa Fe before moving to Wisconsin where she was Planning Assistant for the City of Janesville for 12 years.

Jessie Stonberg

Jessie has worked in both the private and public sectors with a background in urban and regional planning and landscape architecture.

Andrew Baker

Andrew has been a professional planner for three years in the public sector, and is a complete urban planning and architecture nerd.