Team Member Job Category: Leadership

John McLain, PE

John McLain President and Founder of Baseline Corp

John is Baseline’s founder and president. He was born in Oklahoma City; however he spent most of his upbringing dreaming of someday living in Colorado.

Matt Tyburski, CPA

Matt Tyburski, CPA
 Baseline Corp

Matt serves as the chief operating and financial officer for Baseline. He joined the company in mid-2014 and is based out of the company headquarters in Golden.

Chris Rundall, PE, LEED AP

Chris Rundall, PE, LEED AP Baseline Corp

Chris was born and raised in Houston, Texas, the oldest of five kids. Now, he loves living a small mountain town and spending time with his wife and two kids.

Noah Nemmers, PE

Noah Nemmers Baseline Corp

Noah’s passion for civil engineering comes from his desire to help create infrastructure that improves our daily lives.

Chris Manning, PE

Chris Manning - PE Baseline Corp

Although graduating with a mechanical engineering degree with an emphasis on aeronautical design, Chris found the associated career path to be limited in function and purview.

Anne Hutt

Anne Hunt

Anne’s background is one of process engineering and manufacturing. As such, she helps make Baseline’s processes more efficient and streamlined.

Vince Harris, AICP

Vince Harris Baseline Corp

Vince has an awesome wife of 35 years, and three grown boys who are doing well in their careers. He loves to take time off from work and play on vacation usually dealing with water or warm weather.

Aaron Demo, PLS

Aaron Demo Baseline Corp

Aaron possesses land surveying experience in all facets of commercial and residential development, boundary surveying, and construction staking.