Team Member Job Category: Administration

Laura Wright

Originally from Laramie, WY, Laura moved to Colorado about eight years ago and enjoys all the outdoor activities that the state has to offer.

Matt Tyburski, CPA

Matt Tyburski, CPA

Matt serves as the chief operating and financial officer for Baseline. He joined the company in mid-2014 and is based out of the company headquarters in Golden.

Anne Hutt

Anne Hunt

Anne’s background is one of process engineering and manufacturing. As such, she helps make Baseline’s processes more efficient and streamlined.

Deanne Frederickson, RLA

Deanne Frederickson

Deanne is a seasoned landscape architect with over 25 years of land development practice in Northern Colorado.

Julie Lauck

Julie grew up in California and completed her Master of Law in Ireland.

Zoey Johnston

Zoey was born in South Africa and moved to Colorado when she was five. She is currently a senior at University of Colorado Boulder.

Misti Senatore, CF.APMP

Misti Senatore

Misti is a Colorado native and has over 30 years of writing experience. Her professional portfolio includes marketing, business development, and public outreach.

Tiffany Love

Tiffany joined Baseline in 2006. She is the Golden office manager.