An interesting fact about me is that I am fluent in German, Russian, Arabic, and ASL.

Rachel Blazek

Project Coordinator
With Baseline Since: 2017

Rachel spent 12 years studying architecture and loves to draft by hand. While in college, she helped organize a student-run sustainability program at UNC, which is still active today. Her academic background includes both certificates and degrees in residential and commercial drafting, audiology and speech language sciences, physics, organic chemistry and human communication. At Baseline, she helps with safety training, bid take-offs, and oil and gas project quality assurance. She handles day to day administrative tasks; helps maintain the survey fleet maintenance in addition to some marketing tasks.

Hobbies/Interests: Bow hunting, fishing, and bellydancing

Favorite Movie or TV Show: The Pink Panther movies with Peter Sellers

Pets: Two cats, Pumpkin Seed and Jack, a rose hair tarantula named Rosie, and a catfish named Jorge