U.S. Water Infrastructure Receives Nearly Failing Grade

By John McLain, PE

The Water Innovations Alliance (WIA) recently completed an assessment of the state of the U.S. water infrastructure, which was given an overall grade of D- by the American Society of Civil Engineers in its most recent infrastructure report card.

Underlying that nearly failing grade, WIA produced some startling statistics in a recent newsletter (not yet posted to their website):

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Sustainable Pavement Design – Pavement’s Future

By Noah Nemmers, PE

civil-engineeringAs pavement technology continues to change and advance, a major emphasis is being put on environmental stewardship. Highway administration’s efforts are increasingly aimed at the industry’s overall use of recycled materials, environmental and ecological constrains, as well as the Long-Term Pavement Performance. Better determining the current condition of the country’s pavements will serve as a roadmap for where we go next in continuing to advance and implement today’s ...

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