Civil Engineering Services at Baseline

Transportation Planning & Infrastructure Remediation

Baseline Engineering designs physical and natural-built environments. As civil engineering professionals, we direct nature’s great sources of power to meet the demands of growing communities and aging infrastructures. Our focus on sustainable development ensures a high quality of life and economic progress. From project vision to construction, we are your civil engineering consultant for:

Sanitary Sewer Systems

      • Sanitary Sewer Collection Systems
      • Stormwater Inspections
      • Stormwater Erosion & Control Plans

Roads & Bridges

      • State Highway Road Widening for Bike Lanes & More Activities
      • State Highway Access Permits
      • Culvert Removal for New Bridges

Construction Plans

      • Maximizing Land Development
      • Specifications & Bid Letting
      • Administration
      • Due Diligence & Cost Estimating


Infrastructure Design & Land Development

The process of land development is increasingly complex. Rigorous reviews by public agencies must address growing environmental and public concerns. With each development project, Baseline Engineering makes these concerns a top priority. We know that public outreach, agency assistance and community involvement ensure a smooth development review. We also understand that time is money during this process. We can meet fast-track deadlines with our unique and advanced CAD software. From project vision to construction, we are your land-development resource for:

Site Design & Development

      • Utility Layouts
      • Drainage & Stormwater Detentions
      • Water & Sewer Systems
      • Roadways
      • Mountainous Terrains
      • Floodplain Mapping, Permitting & Mitigation
      • Residential Subdivisions
      • Bridges
      • Retaining Walls

Processing, Permitting & Specifications

      • Subdivisions
      • LEED Documentation
      • Project Management
      • Construction
      • Streamlining Application Process
      • Sample Projects:

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