Baseline’s Employee Sabbatical Calls for Surf and Sand

During the eighth year of work (after working seven full, consecutive years), our full-time civil engineers, land surveyors, community planners and water/wastewater engineers are eligible for paid sabbaticals. This benefit includes 22 consecutive business days off plus approval on a discretionary bonus up to $2,000. The bonus can be applied to flight, lodging and other approved trip expenses. Last month, Chris Rundall took his sabbatical away from the office. The following is Chris’ story on how he spent ...

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Utilities Energy Audits

By Baseline Water/Wastewater Engineering

In the water/wastewater industry, the popular “energy audit” is what many companies are doing to promote sustainability, a reduction in carbon footprint, and lower operating costs…but are they being done correctly?  The answer, more often than not, is no.  Many of these companies recommend simply replacing a motor or adding a variable frequency drive (“VFD”) to a pump or blower, which is NOT always the answer.

A proper energy audit dives into the root cause of the inefficiency ...

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De-Mystifying ALTA Surveys

By Aaron Demo, PLS

Professional Land Surveyors are constantly helping clients understand what they need when they say they need a “survey.”  Surveys can range from Improvement Location Certificates (“ILCs”) to the infamous “ALTA surveys”.  Surveys are generally subject to state and local regulations, but can still vary in dramatic ways.  The ALTA survey is unique in that it is governed by a very detailed set of requirements and should only ...

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Colorado Floodplain Rules

In an effort to increase public safety and reduce flood losses across the state, the Colorado Water Conservation Board issued new floodplain rules and regulations that became effective on January 14, 2011.  These rules build off of the FEMA rules with the hope to provides uniform standards for regulatory floodplains in Colorado and activities in those floodplains.  For your reading pleasure, the rules can be found here:

One of the more stringent criteria found in the CWCB rules ...

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Bakken and North Dakota Development

As of 2012, North Dakota has overtaken California to become the third-largest U.S. oil-producing state, as fracking technology has boosted shale oil output.  Production has doubled in the three years since 2009. The boom in oil production in the region has also effectively cut the Midwestern state’s unemployment rate to the lowest in the country, at 3.3% as of December 2011.  In fact, oil companies say there are more jobs than people in North Dakota. The oil boom has arrived ...

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